Plan B…



I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, having a very hard time coming up with the words to create a great story for you guys. I’m going through a personal situation that’s the cause of a lot of stress and that stress has been a huge culprit in  the block I’m going through. The worst part is that the story is there, in my head. I SEE IT!

I have talked about writer’s block before and that my solution for it is to keep writing. Write anything to keep the creative juices flowing. I get a lot of emails asking if I’m going to write a book on the secondary characters in When He Came Back. Initially WHCB was going to be a stand alone, but the more emails I got the more the ideas for Alexa, Hunter and John’s story swirled in my head. So, in an effort to keep those creative juices flowing and keep this block from completely ruining my writing career, I started writing a novella. At first I wasn’t sure who the main character was, this is usually the case with me when an idea hits. I start writing and watch and see it develop into something good. In this case, I started the story and the more I wrote the more I realized I was writing John’s story. Alexa’s story, although I still work on it with some effort is progressing slowly and will eventually be finished. I had initially aimed for a summer release, but I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen. John’s Story on the other hand might be the quick summer read you’ll need to tide you over.

In the mean time if you haven’t read When He Came Back, it’s available now in ebook and paperback, see links below:

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Alexa’s Story

By popular demand, I’m working on Alexa’s story. I’ve received a lot of emails asking about the secondary characters in When He Came Back. First up is Alexa. If you read WHCB, she’s Claire’s beloved best friend. In her novel, When They Met, we get to know her a little better and see that behind the quick wit and fun persona, she has one fear—being left behind. After her mother’s death she determined that the loss was worse than the gain and promised herself never to get close to anyone. In Comes Patrick Pemberton, dead set on breaking through every guard Alexa has ever put up. A man used to getting his way, this endeavor might prove to be more work than he is accustomed to.

Hope to spit this baby out by summer 2016. Can’t wait for you to read it, cause I’m already loving Mr. Pemberton and I hope you will too.

Here’s a peek at Patrick’s persistence:
Get Over It

Get Out There! Get Noticed!



Gosh, it’s been a while. Time is one hot commodity in my life—I have very little of it. Working full time, raising three boys and everything else in between, getting on my computer to do anything else other than write is hard. My days seem to get shorter and I have a book, that although it was published in October, I still need to promote. I try, but keeping and online presence isn’t my strongest suit. Being a self_published author is exhausting. I’m not going to lie—I’ts also terrifying and exciting and fulfilling. I love this job. I love creating, I love being able to create a world where people can escape for a brief moment. But I suck at promoting. So, I started to look into creative, fun ways to continue to get the word out there. We’ll see how it goes.

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Walking Away…



We’ve all read on one blog or another how editors tell you to walk away from your manuscript for a while. I know most of us, in our eagerness to become part of the published population, tend to overlook the importance of that part of the editing process. Really, you have to give it a rest, get away from the story. I’m not saying forget it entirely, but come back to it a couple of weeks after you’ve typed “The End” because let’s get real here, “The End” is really not the end. There’s a lot of work after that. I’ve mention before that editing is probably one of my favorite parts of writing, it’s when you see your hard work actually come together—it’s a great feeling and that’s why it’s important to let it be. Fresh eyes, fresh outlook is the best thing you’ll do for your novel. You’ve poured your heart and soul, you time and energy and everything else it takes to write about this world you’ve created. These characters have kept you awake at night, trust me I know, you need a rest. Think of it as sending your kids away to camp. You love your kids to death, but sometimes that away time is nice. Same goes here, gain new perspective, you want to put out your best work—the best takes time . Don’t let anyone rush you, take your time and be critical of yourself. I not biased of my work, I will admit bad writing in my manuscript when I see it and believe me, after a couple of week of not seeing it, you will find bad writing in your manuscript.

Tell me: Do you walk away from your manuscripts? For how long?

The Dreaded Synopsis


Where to start? How long should it be? For someone who usually gets into lengthy explanations about, well, everything this isn’t an easy task. My goal is to take some elements of the story, the ones I think are import, and incorporate them into the synopsis. I want to make short and sweet, again a cray goal for me, but i managed to put something together. So below is the first draft of my synopsis, let me know what you think…

 When He Came Back

Eventually secrets catch up to you. This is what Claire Monroe realizes the second she’s sees Austin McKinley walk into the lobby of the hotel she’s at. Letting him go so he could fulfill his rock star dreams was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do. Seventeen and pregnant, there was no room for her and a baby on the road. He was talented and destined for bigger things; she and a baby would only hold him back.

Austin’s destructive behavior was the result of a broken heart, a shattered dream that didn’t include his music. He kept up the façade for his band. Yellow Scarlet had hit the big time and he couldn’t just up and leave. He had contracts to fulfill, groupies to bang, he needed to forget Claire. Seeing her standing in the lobby of the King Edward was like and stab to the heart. Little did he know that behind those expressive hazel eyes, she kept the biggest secret of her life.

Austin would fall in love again with a part of him he hadn’t known existed. He and Claire start to form a bond they quickly realize had never truly been severed.