jessic-4I like too call myself a writer, but I’m in constant doubt. Influenced by my father’s love of Pablo Neruda to novels by Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marques variety has always been a part of my to read lists. Born in Chile and brought up in Canada the exposure to literature was endless. Reading was something my siblings and I did a lot of in order to learn a new language. The writing came much later and it’s always been something I liked, although I didn’t take it seriously until a few years ago. So now aside from my “real” job, I spend endless hours or at least until my vision blurs typing away on my laptop in hopes of creating something entertaining, maybe even memorable.

I divide my writing time between my three incredibly active boys, husband and one crazy, yappy dog. Coffee, but mostly wine are my constant writing companions and I looking forward to sharing my debut When He Came Back with you in 2015.



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