Plan B…



I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately, having a very hard time coming up with the words to create a great story for you guys. I’m going through a personal situation that’s the cause of a lot of stress and that stress has been a huge culprit in  the block I’m going through. The worst part is that the story is there, in my head. I SEE IT!

I have talked about writer’s block before and that my solution for it is to keep writing. Write anything to keep the creative juices flowing. I get a lot of emails asking if I’m going to write a book on the secondary characters in When He Came Back. Initially WHCB was going to be a stand alone, but the more emails I got the more the ideas for Alexa, Hunter and John’s story swirled in my head. So, in an effort to keep those creative juices flowing and keep this block from completely ruining my writing career, I started writing a novella. At first I wasn’t sure who the main character was, this is usually the case with me when an idea hits. I start writing and watch and see it develop into something good. In this case, I started the story and the more I wrote the more I realized I was writing John’s story. Alexa’s story, although I still work on it with some effort is progressing slowly and will eventually be finished. I had initially aimed for a summer release, but I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen. John’s Story on the other hand might be the quick summer read you’ll need to tide you over.

In the mean time if you haven’t read When He Came Back, it’s available now in ebook and paperback, see links below:

IMG_0091 Amazon Canada             Nook

Amazon US                       iBooks

Amazon UK                       Smashwords



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