Book Two—Sneak Peek…

peakA chapter a week, that’s my aim, forget the daily word count. Anyway, I’m eleven chapters into Alexa’s story and at this rate it should be done…well, I’ll let you know!
Mean while for those of you asking for Alexa’s story, here’s a little tease, unedited.
We know Alexa’s Story, here’a little background on Patrick, the billionaire who hired her and will eventually win her heart…Still working on a title for this baby.
“Let’s get the ‘getting to know you’ out of the way then,” he said, swimming toward the ledge of the pool, leaning his chin on his folded arms. He was determined to get his way. “I am one of two kids. I’m twenty-eight years old. My sister Amy, who’s four years older, is married. She has two boys. Mark is 3 and Josh is 5. They also have three dogs and four cats…”
“Four cats?” she asked in shock.
He laughed that four cats shocked her more than his boxer briefs at her feet.
“Yes, four. Her husband Edward is a Thoracic Surgeon and an animal rescuer out of control. Amy is a certified teacher, but only substitutes now because she prefers being at home raising her children. My parents have been married for forty five years and live in a house too large for them on the outskirts of town.” There, no guilt, everything he just told her was the truth. She didn’t really have to know that his parents lived on seventy-five acres, in a six thousand square foot home he and his sister have been trying to get them to sell. At sixty-two and sixty-five, the place was just too secluded and big for them.
“Anything else?” she asked, hands on her waist.
He cocked an eyebrow at her, but continued on his shabby attempt to, in his mind, redeem himself for lying to her.
“I graduated from the University of Toronto, with honors and a business degree that, up until four years ago I had very little use for.” Another truth.
“You’re an executive assistant to Patrick Pemberton,” she pointed out with an incredulous look on her face.
“Yes, well, I’m moving up in the corporate ladder, fast.” Again, she didn’t have to know he was one of the wealthiest men in Canada.
“If you say so.”
“I say so. You don’t believe me?”
“No, it’s just that…”
“Look I’m poring my heart out here, revealing things most women I date for weeks don’t ever know about me. That has to stand for something.” It also stands for the fact that most women he dates are more interested in the size of his bank account.
Book One, When He Came Back is available here Nook | Amazon Canada | Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks | Kobo

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