Finding That Balance…

Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

So I have a dilemma! I should be putting all my efforts and concentration on writing book two in my At Last series. Book one in the series that wasn’t going to be a series, When He Came Back is up for pre-order at Amazon CanadaAmazon USAmazon UKkoboiBooks and B&N. Both the paperback and e-book release on October 14th.

So after that shameless plug, back to my dilemma. Often I get story ideas, I reach for my phone, book or whatever may be at hand to get the basic idea down. If I have a paragraph or two I start witting as much as possible before I forget. The idea for book two When They Met came to me as I was writing WHCB. But as I start to get further into this story something else popped into my mind and this new character is strong, resilient and so bloody stubborn she won’t leave me alone. I know how her story will unfold, I can’t wait to tell it, but I have BOOK TWO to finish. So how do I find the  balance? How do I prioritize? How do you?


Routines and Book Two!

So things have been a little nutty around here. I have to say that day of the cover reveal was pretty exciting. Now with school in full swing, it’s been all about getting back into the routine. Bedtimes are a struggle, especially when it’s still daylight out, but that will change soon with fall just around the corner. My writing took a back seat to all the excitement for a couple of weeks. it was a good thing. I’ve been breathing and sleeping this novel and I needed the break. Now I’ve gotten back on the laptop, not too far from my kuerig and started up again. That said, I’ve have started work on book two.

When I first started writing When He Came Back, it was always my intention to write a standalone, which this book is. But there are secondary characters in the novel and I really want to know what happens to them. The next two books will center on the lives of Claire’s friend Alexa and Claire’s brother Hunter. Now that I’m back into the groove of my writing routine and looking forward to the release of When He Came Back, October 6th, I can’t wait to share snippets of When They Met and see what happens with Alexa and the sexy billionaire Patrick, because let’s face it every book needs a billionaire…