Congratulations Kate R., you’ve a won a copy of Wen He Came Back…

I’m so excited to reveal the cover for my debut contemporary romance When He Came Back releasing this October. It’s been a long and exciting journey full of learning curves. I look forward to finally publishing my novel for you all to read…

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There’s always a chance the past will come back. Always a chance for secrets to reveal themselves…

Claire Monroe thinks she has it handled. She’s moved back to her home town, bought a house and has been commissioned by The King Edward Hotel in Toronto to paint three original works. She never imagined that at the conclusion of her meeting she would see Austin McKinley, love of her life and world-renowned rocker, walk into the lobby. Letting him go six years ago so he could fulfill his rock star dreams was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Seeing him now involves a revelation she isn’t prepared to face.

All Austin sees in the lobby of his hotel is the woman responsible for sending him into a tailspin. His destructive behavior had been the result of a broken heart and a shattered dream that didn’t include his music. For six years he’s kept up the façade for his band. Yellow Scarlet hit the big time, and he couldn’t just up and leave. But he has finally reached his limit. The band is taking a badly needed break to regroup and rest. Seeing Claire is unexpected, and the realization that he still loves her grates at his every nerve.

Austin will fall in love again and will quickly find out that they have a bond that can never be severed.

Their love is young, it is real and it is irrevocable.


Marketing?…WHAT, REALLY?

webOkay, so the editing is finished, the cover is done… Yes folks I have a cover (reveal coming soon). Now I have to think about marketing. You know getting the word out that this October I have this book coming out in which I’ve worked my ass off to finish. So be kind friends and spread the word…I appreciate it! 🙂

That said, I have learned that this whole process is full of learning curves. Marketing never crossed my mind. See while writing all I could think about was finishing and then once finished all I could think about was editing. Now that I am finished, I’m not really…see what I’m getting at. The thing about self-publishing is that there’s always work to do on each individual book. On the first WIP you research writing. You learn and research everything—and there’s tons of info out there—on writing. Now I’m slowly learning what I can as an independent author about marketing. I’m sure in the next few weeks I will come across one other thing that I need to figure out. All I can say about it, is that for the next book—cause there’s a next one—I hope to have the knowledge and stress out as much.