Sex Scenes!

couple-in-bed-mainYes that’s right, I’m discussing sex, well sex in books at least. These scenes are probably the most difficult to write. There’s a lot of emotion that needs showing among other things. The scenes I’ve had the blush worthy privilege of coming up with are, if I do say so myself, HOT. These particular scenes take me the longest, I want to write something that’s not gratuitous, something that’s not pornographic, but that conveys the actions per say of that part in the story. It needs to be tasteful, romantic and all that mushy stuff us girls want to read. I want to describe the body parts without sounding vulgar, which isn’t always easy. Those description are probably the least blush worthy as appose to what those body parts are doing… Below is an excerpt of the start of one of the love scenes—yeah let’s call a love scene instead—that I wrote. I could give you a peak of the more descriptive lines, but this ends up on my Facebook page and it would make me blush…

When He Came Back

Austin leaned back on his hunches, mouth open as he stared at Claire in complete and utter amazement. She smiled at him, leaned against the wall, and began to gather her long dress in her hands. Getting a hold of the hem, she slowly revealed her body to him, inch by painstaking inch. She pulled it over her head, laughing at the sharp intake of breath she heard from the man at her feet, and dropped the dress in his lap.

“Jesus, Claire, you’re not wearing any underwear.” He grabbed the dress and bunched the fabric in his hands.


It’s Work!

I’ve been quiet on this end. If there’s one thing I read and read over and over is the importance of an online presence, I get that. As an Indie author that super important to me. Put myself out there, let people see who I am and hopefully sound interesting enough that someone will buy my novel which, even though is in its editing stages, is still a work in progress. But there isn’t enough time in the day these days to keep up. I barely have time for 140 characters or less. So where have I been? Holed up in my windowless dungeon that looks an awful lot like an office. I don’t mind. No windows, no T.V. no distractions. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I realized, and you can call crazy, that I actually enjoy taking care of the blues and reds that currently cover my manuscript. I’ve only had it critiqued once, have myself, gone over it as thoroughly as my tired eyes will allow and there are still fixes to be made. My shock was that although it’s quite a bit that needs to be corrected, added, deleted, it’s not as much as I thought I would have to do. The process is quite insightful, actually. I’ve learned that no matter how much you prepare a manuscript it will need work. We know this of course, but I’ve found that the writing process as well as the editing has been a huge lesson. Want to learn to write a book, write one. I’ve learned through this whole experience that I’m not as terrified of others reading my work as I thought I would be. Keep in mind at the moment it’s just one person reading it. So I’m going to head back into my dungeon and finish these edits and hope to God I get it all done in time…

Happy Writing!!!