One Chapter At A Time


I realize this is becoming a redundant subject, but it’s an important one. My goal after going through my manuscript once, twice and now on my third round, was to find an easier, hopefully faster way to edit my manuscript. I, of course, need to be thorough, which goes without saying. I mentioned before that editing is something I enjoy. It’s when your story, your book, your novel, whatever you refer to it, starts to come together. Things start to make sense. The story starts to make sense, and you go and survive the torment of deciding which darlings to kill. I figured a system that works for me, it’s quicker, thorough and I feel less daunting than taking on the entire manuscript all at once. I’ve been going at it one chapter at a time. I’m sure someone on some blog or other has suggested this, nonetheless, it’s a process that’s been working wonders for me. I don’t print out the three hundred or so pages, one chapter at a time is something that helps me get through more—three to four chapters a day. I’m nearing the end of this strenuous, but rewarding process and I’m confident that I have done all I can up to this point to produce a piece of work that I can be proud of.

Tell me: What your process? Is there a quicker way?


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