We Are All Beautiful!

beautyThis is completely off my regular topic, but there’s something I want to say. There have been many articles, posts, friendly discussion as well as some unintentional eavesdropping regarding body image. There’s made to be such importance in the way we, women in particular, should look. The worst part is that men have a part in that, but it’s mostly us women putting down other women. Why? I can’t understand.

It’s always been and always will be a struggle for me to understand why, instead of pushing and supporting each other, women criticize and compete against each other. I don’t care that your breast milk is better than mine was, I don’t care that you can change a diaper with your eyes closed and I truly don’t care that after just six months of giving birth you’re back to the weight you were when you were twenty years old. First off: it’s not healthy, second: concentrate on your child. When my oldest was six months old, I was still breast feeding, so getting my pre-pregnancy body back was the furthest thing from my mind. In fact it still is.

I am forty one years old. My body no matter how much I try won’t look twenty—not after three children. I will, however be the first to admit that I don’t exercise, not because I’m lazy, but because I have no interest in it. I do sports, not as often as I’d like, though. Despite this, I’m comfortable in my own skin, I love my body, and I love the cellulite I so graciously and honorably display. i watch what I eat, although I occasionally indulge in a glass of wine or three, but you can’t and will never be able to bribe me with a slice of cake. Wine, yes.

I love myself because my mother and life experiences have taught me to love myself. I am alive, I am healthy my children are healthy and to me that is more rewarding than any six pack I may try to gain. I was brought up by a woman who never once missed the chance to tell me and my sisters how smart and pretty we are, how great we look. She never once pointed out our imperfections, because let’s face it we all have some I just choose to love mine. My mother never once pointed out those pounds we might have gained during a particular stressful time. What she did give us was love, encouragement and compliments that brought out our confidence, something that takes time to gain, but when you do it is the most freeing thing you’ll ever feel. That’s where it all starts, from the person you and trust the most. Her opinion mattered and when she said those things to us, we believed  them. We still believe them…

Before anything else, learn to love yourself, love your body and every battle scar you own. You are beautiful and when you feel it, people will see it. Beauty is not just skin deep, it’s an attitude.
So own that attitude and flaunt it!


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