On The Play List




So when you sit down to write do you need silence, soft background music or loud head pounding tunes? I have friends who write to Metallica blasting in the background. Others need absolute silence. As for me I like music more for the noise than for any form of inspiration. Usually, depending on the scene I’m writing I pick a song and it stays on repeat for the whole time I write, usually hours. Does it bother me? No. I want the noise not the distraction. For some reason listening to a song over and over again helps me concentrate. Right now as I write this post I have Falling Slowly from the soundtrack Once on—it’s a great song. Yesterday it was Beyonce’s Drunken Love, the day before that, my whole playlist played on. My taste vary dramatically, once Songbird by Fleetwood Mac was on repeat a minimum of seven hours a day for four days. I wrote three chapters with that song playing, not relating it to any particular scene, just needing to focus on one thing.  The television is a big no, no for me, too distracting. If there’s too much going on and my writing schedule goes to shits…

So what’s on your playlist today? Any particular song you stick to? An album or do you create your own playlist?


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