Walking Away…



We’ve all read on one blog or another how editors tell you to walk away from your manuscript for a while. I know most of us, in our eagerness to become part of the published population, tend to overlook the importance of that part of the editing process. Really, you have to give it a rest, get away from the story. I’m not saying forget it entirely, but come back to it a couple of weeks after you’ve typed “The End” because let’s get real here, “The End” is really not the end. There’s a lot of work after that. I’ve mention before that editing is probably one of my favorite parts of writing, it’s when you see your hard work actually come together—it’s a great feeling and that’s why it’s important to let it be. Fresh eyes, fresh outlook is the best thing you’ll do for your novel. You’ve poured your heart and soul, you time and energy and everything else it takes to write about this world you’ve created. These characters have kept you awake at night, trust me I know, you need a rest. Think of it as sending your kids away to camp. You love your kids to death, but sometimes that away time is nice. Same goes here, gain new perspective, you want to put out your best work—the best takes time . Don’t let anyone rush you, take your time and be critical of yourself. I not biased of my work, I will admit bad writing in my manuscript when I see it and believe me, after a couple of week of not seeing it, you will find bad writing in your manuscript.

Tell me: Do you walk away from your manuscripts? For how long?


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