Learning the Ropes


I realized that I could spend the better part of my day figuring out how to add pages, add sub pages, add sub pages to the sub pages… well you get the picture. So that’s what I did today. From 9am to 2pm I added, deleted, added, tested and fiddled around with my website and prayed to whatever internet God exists that I didn’t screw it up. I don’t think I did and the fiddling around I did actually helped understand WordPress  a little better—it will take a lot more fiddling to understand it completely. I am the least technologically savvy person you will ever meet, but i use my resources Google and YouTube are my best friends. So check it out, let me know that I didn’t screw it up.


5 thoughts on “Learning the Ropes

  1. i smiled when I read your post. 🙂 Not too long ago I did the same and I consider myself technologically savvy!! But it took some learning and playing and fiddling. And like you I think I learned some WordPress. Your site looks great and I look forward to your posts.


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