Learning the Ropes


I realized that I could spend the better part of my day figuring out how to add pages, add sub pages, add sub pages to the sub pages… well you get the picture. So that’s what I did today. From 9am to 2pm I added, deleted, added, tested and fiddled around with my website and prayed to whatever internet God exists that I didn’t screw it up. I don’t think I did and the fiddling around I did actually helped understand WordPress  a little better—it will take a lot more fiddling to understand it completely. I am the least technologically savvy person you will ever meet, but i use my resources Google and YouTube are my best friends. So check it out, let me know that I didn’t screw it up.


The Dreaded Synopsis


Where to start? How long should it be? For someone who usually gets into lengthy explanations about, well, everything this isn’t an easy task. My goal is to take some elements of the story, the ones I think are import, and incorporate them into the synopsis. I want to make short and sweet, again a cray goal for me, but i managed to put something together. So below is the first draft of my synopsis, let me know what you think…

 When He Came Back

Eventually secrets catch up to you. This is what Claire Monroe realizes the second she’s sees Austin McKinley walk into the lobby of the hotel she’s at. Letting him go so he could fulfill his rock star dreams was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do. Seventeen and pregnant, there was no room for her and a baby on the road. He was talented and destined for bigger things; she and a baby would only hold him back.

Austin’s destructive behavior was the result of a broken heart, a shattered dream that didn’t include his music. He kept up the façade for his band. Yellow Scarlet had hit the big time and he couldn’t just up and leave. He had contracts to fulfill, groupies to bang, he needed to forget Claire. Seeing her standing in the lobby of the King Edward was like and stab to the heart. Little did he know that behind those expressive hazel eyes, she kept the biggest secret of her life.

Austin would fall in love again with a part of him he hadn’t known existed. He and Claire start to form a bond they quickly realize had never truly been severed.

Now What?


2015 is finally here and I have to ask now what? New year, new outlook, resolutions out for grabs, but how many of us actually follow through? This is my first post of the New Year and I want to start it on a positive note. We had some sad news right off the bat, but with every end there truly are new beginnings, may that be a new life, a personal decisions, they’re beginnings nonetheless. The New Year is kind of like a birthday, you think you’re going to feel different somehow, but really, nothing changes—life goes on. My biggest goal, professionally, is to publish my novel. I’ve worked hard on it, and I’ll be the first to say I’m no Hemingway or Austen. My book isn’t going to be a great classic, but now that it’s finished and I’m going through the editing phase, I’m pleased to say that I’ve told the story I wanted to tell. The next step of course to get it out there. I’ve  done a ton of research and for me, the best option is to self-publish, I really don’t have it in me to go through the whole query process. I’m not afraid of rejection, just afraid I’ll be waiting forever to be published. So I’m taking it into my own hands and hope to God it all works out, I have nothing more to hope for other than professional success. My family is thankfully healthy and I have nothing to worry on that front. They are supportive, more understanding than I could ever be. I wrote in a post once that writing is a lonely profession and we’re our own cheering section, but if it wasn’t for the characters we write about it would be lonely for sure. But after deciding to take this gig seriously, my family has been my biggest cheerleaders. Their words of encouragement and their never ending “is it finished” have kept me on my toes. So I change my tune, I’m not alone and aside from family, there’s a whole community of writers out there you could “lean on” and get great advice from. There’s a light at the end of the literary tunnel, reach for, conquer it and cease it.  

Set realistic goals, be gentle on yourself, be good to yourself and have faith.

Happy New Year everyone!