Just Going With The Flow


       Here’s my take. I don’t stick or designate a number of words I write per day. Although I do try to get some writing in everyday, it’s difficult. I am a mother of three, which requires me to spend a good three hours helping my kids with homework after school. I also have a day job, so time is a hot commodity in my life. For me, that three thousand word goal isn’t always feasible. But aside from time, it’s a matter of flow. I’ve always said that writing for me is a mindset—I need to be in the mood. Because of my hectic lifestyle, I’m tired and my creativity takes a nose dive along with my energy. For some, long hours, late nights or super early mornings work well, they thrive on it. It’s not the case for me unfortunately.When it comes to writing I need the story to flow naturally, not all my chapters have three thousand words, actually most don’t. At some point while writing, the chapter comes to its own conclusion. I’ve read books where the chapters go on and on and at some point the flow is lost. I’m about getting to the point, moving the story forward. I love books with short chapters. I find that it keeps the reader engaged in the story—at least that’s the case for me as the reader. As a writer my main concern, is getting the story out and knowing when the chapter needs to end, whether it’s six pages long or fifteen. The bottom line is that if I set a word count and concentrate on meeting it, I lose the flow that I strive for and I’m no longer worried about the storyline. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work for me, the words need to come naturally. The less pressure I put on myself, the more productive I am. So think about what works for you. Story is a natural thing, just let it come…Do you set goals for yourself? You know those three thousand words a day you stick to meticulously. How is it working for you? Does the story flow naturally?



One thought on “Just Going With The Flow

  1. I’ve seen writers/authors post their word counts daily. It seems so mechanical to me, to not only count it but to post it. Having goals is wonderful. I have them, but as you’ve said word count goal would dampen my flow and ruin my creativity. If I did the countdown I would probably have chapters of nonsense and ramblings. I also agree that time is precious and my life is hectic so any scheduled time is a gift and that gift may be a sentence, a chapter, or just a thought that will make my plot better. Happy Writing.


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