Move It Along…

Have you ever read a book where you find yourself thinking, move it along already. Or worse, you’re 24 chapters in and you’re thinking to yourself that maybe the story should have ended 2 chapters ago? I’ve read books, romance to be more specific, where the story goes on and on even after the hero and heroine get together. Once that happens really what else is there to add to it. The conflict has been resolved and they’re on their way to happily ever after. Okay, so there could be one more thing to add, but when you look back at the story itself, it’s a scene that could have been added “2 chapters ago”. So, with some books I’m like, dang, the end can’t come fast enough. However I have this thing where if I invest my time in reading it, I want to finish it. But sometimes I just can’t. The book goes back on the shelf and I really could care less what happens after the hero marries the heroin and live happily ever after and there’s still more. 

I don’t want to be one of those writers where I take forever to give the reader closure. In the pasts week I’ve been struggling with a particular chapter in my own WIP. Reading over what I’ve already written, I realized that I inadvertently became one of those writers. My story is going on and on with no conclusion in sight. My hero and heroine have set their path, they have overcome conflict and should really be on their way to a happily ever after… eventually. So those “2 chapters ago”are heading to the recycling bin and I’m moving the story along. The finish line is in sight, I see it and at some point I will end this marathon so I can move to the next one.


Have you ever put a book down because it dragged? 



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