Trying To Get Back In The Groove!


Writing is a lonely profession, there’s no real team spirit when you’re the only one on the team. No one to root for you except for your subconscious, and there’s no one to encourage you to do your best work—that is all up to you. Finding motivation within myself is a struggle. I like being pushed and yes at times I don’t mind a cheer leading section. But as I look around, the bleachers are empty and on the field is yours truly—all alone trying to finish the game.

 This is how it is. I’m all alone trying to get by on a few words that are swimming in my head. I want to paint the picture, but convincing myself that I need to sit and write is harder than I thought. In the past few months, I’ve lost that pull I felt a year ago to tell a story. My momentum is shot and I can’t seem to get in the groove. The story I’m in the process of writing is coming along nicely (I think). I have great critique partners, who read my words and completely do a number on my ego, but for that, I am thankful because they help me make my story better. They understand what all this means and what it entails.

 No matter how long I sit and stare blankly at my computer screen, the words just don’t flow. They are there, I hear the voices in my head, but I can’t seem to transfer them to the page.

 So, I have to ask:

 Could it be writer’s block? How do I overcome it? And the motivation thing, how do I get it back?



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