I Have An Office!


Over the past few months I have been looking for a place in my home I could call my work space. Since I started on this crazy road to become a writer, my office was located in the kitchen. My desk was either the kitchen table or the kitchen island. This was ideal considering the coffee maker was two steps away and always full for my benefit. I did read somewhere that caffeine and wine are a writer’s best friends, a statement I have to agree with.

 Last fall things got a little crazy and I got bogged down and neglected my writing. I needed to regroup and really think about this writing journey. Writing isn’t easy; it sure as hell does nothing to boost your confidence level. Never in my whole life have I felt so exposed. The words I write come from me after all and to some extent the way I feel or have felt at some point or another. My mind reels with the characters I invent and the story I want to tell, so I decided to give this writing thing my all—not that I haven’t been—and create that space I craved. A few months ago my two older boys decided they wanted to share a bedroom, so this left one of our four bedrooms empty. So the interior designer in me took a trip to Ikea and walked out with a book shelf that would look nice in an empty bedroom. A desk that was gathering dust in the basement made a very bumpy trip to the second floor and its new home. An old dresser, that I will tackle in the summer time to match the decor became a filing cabinet. All this hoping that having a small sanctuary in my home will inspire me to finish what I set to do a year ago. Write a novel. The only downfall to this new office is that the coffee and the wine are too far…


Tell me: Do you have a special place at home? A place where you can go to, shut the door and write away?




2 thoughts on “I Have An Office!

  1. Nice office. I like to write in my bed. It kills my back but it seems like the only place that I can hide. If I had your digs I might change my mind.

    Welcome back, btw. 🙂


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