Lets Give This Another Go

Well, so it’s been a while. Trying to keep up with life, writing, tweeting and blogging is a lot more demanding than I thought possible. When I started this blog it was to have an outlet where I could document my process as a writer. It worked well in the beginning, I had tried to maintain a steady blogging schedule, then summer came and the kids required my undivided attention—because god forbid I should finish one cup of coffee, let alone try to write or blog. So life got in the way, my writing suffered so did my blogging.

The most important part about being a writer is learning to manage your time, learning to work around the things that are impossible to ignore, like your family. I got a job, as a stay at home mom the one thing I craved was a bit of financial independence, I loved it. The job turned out to be something temporary, but it was nice to get away for a few hours a day and interact with adults. So much so that I nearly forgot that my goal was to write a novel. I’m not one of those people who can do too much at one time—I am the worst juggler on earth. Give me one thing and I will deliver no problem. Give me five and we are in serious trouble.

So my goal is to start over, to blog a little more, finish writing my novel Borrowed Sanctuary, and hope that at some point in the next few months I gain back the independence I got a taste of a few months ago. 

Tell me, how do you juggle it all? How do you prioritize?