All I Want Is Time!

I had a plan— it was a good plan. Kids were going to go back to school and during that time I would write a good five hours. Worked great the last school year. Got a lot done, I finished one novel (which I have yet to edit) and started a new one. Things were going pretty smoothly, then summer got here, kids were home and I woke early to have at least three hours of quiet writing time. Again worked really well. I couldn’t wait until school started and get my five hours back, I needed them, I wanted them back. Then I decided to go get a job, you know make a little money. I have been the stay at home mom for too long, I needed some freedom and aside from writing working was another option. So, what’s the problem now? I have absolutely no time! No time for me, no time for writing and no time to take care of the things that need taking care off. Most of the time I feel like a chicken with my head cut off. I have a wonderful writing group and I feel awful when I can’t get to their critiques in a timely manner. But I want to, they have wonderful stories to tell and I love reading them. What’s worse is that I am exhausted and when I am that tired, I can’t just sit and write. I know what I want to get down on paper, the plot ideas never stop running through my head, but I just can’t keep up. My energy is gone, hell, my inspiration is gone. I want to finish this novel. I want write the words The End, but I have absolutely no idea how to get there. I need a schedule, I work best on a schedule, and unfortunately, I’m one of those writers that can write at any time for any given length of time. If I give myself five hours than five hours it is. I’m lucky if I get one hour now.


Tell me: How do you manage work and writing? When do you write? Do you sneak a couple of minutes here and there at work to get your thoughts down?



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