Keeping An On-line Presence

It’s hard enough trying to keep up with life, work and that extra curricular activity some us are involved in called writing. So how do we keep up our on-line presence? Well for lately, the easiest thing has been to tweet. Log on to twitter, stay on it, and read everyone’s tweets and occasionally comment and re-tweet. It’s also great for other writers who keep with their blogging activity, follow them, get on their blogs and follow that and hope that they turn around give you the courtesy of, if not following you at least check what your all about. Like most of you out there in the blogging and tweeting world, my following list is bigger than the followers list, but that’s okay. How do you do it? How do you create enough interest in yourself and your blog to create a great following. My life as is, is not very interesting. In fact, it’s quite simple. I am a thirty something (let’s just leave at that) stay at home mom to three boys 9, 6, and 5, so as you can imagine my life is hectic to say the least. I have time to tweet because it’s accessible, it can be done from anywhere. But between writing my WIP and Blogging, I choose to write because ultimately my goal is to finish writing my novel. I don’t have the time to blog three times a week; I tried that I couldn’t keep up. I do however have the time to post something that may be interesting to at least one person, although I secretly wish it would be interesting to a lot more. So to my 26 followers I thank you for taking the time to see what I am all about. I don’t plan to stop, the most beneficial part about this experience is the knowledge I have gained in an industry that a year ago, I had absolutely no idea about. 


How do you keep up with your blogging schedule? Was it tough to keep up? Did you at any point get discouraged? 



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