Just Give Me Closure!

There is nothing like starting to read a book series and finding yourself so engrossed in the story you forget the what time it is. That’s happened to so many of us, we us a book and to our significant other’s shock we are finished in a day. I like to read series, sagas whatever you want to call them. A couple of years back I began to read a three book series and I was really looking forward to the final instalment, which came out recently. I fell in love with the story, the characters, and the world and wondered throughout whether these characters were going to make it. You know the questions we all ask but sometimes are obvious, like will they fall in love, after they fall in love will they stay together and after we can see they will stay together and the reach obstacle you find yourself cheering for them and ask if they will make it… And then bang the characters do and you wait for the happily ever after only to be left with a really vague conclusion. The last thing I want when I read a book, specially a series, is to be left with questions at the end. Are they going to be together? Who knows? I invested my time and not to mention my money on a book the left me a bit disappointed. I want something more concrete than one of the characters reaching out for the other and The End! There a lot more to this course, but as a writer I realize the amount of work that goes into writing a book and out of respect for the writer I won’t mention which book it is. Just know that I wasn’t satisfied. I want the characters to say to each other okay this is how it’s going to be from now on, you and me and so on something more concrete than a gaze. The reason we read is to indulge and let our imaginations go wild with the pictures the words in book create for us. But most important as the reader we want closure, I don’t want to read a book series, reach the end and be left hanging. 

Have you ever read a book that left you with more questions at the end? Do you feel cheated? 

2 thoughts on “Just Give Me Closure!

  1. To me, it depends on the book. Sometimes I love to spin the story out for myself, imagine what will happen next. Other times, I am left confused. But I've also had conclusive endings which I really disliked. I think it depends on the story. Wait, I said that in the beginning. Scratch that.


  2. I completely agree. Closure is so important if the series is supposed to be over.

    But, as you are a writer, I think you know how important it is to get truthful feedback.

    Out of that same respect for the author and their hard work I think you might send them a note and let them know.

    And post the titles if you want too. It's not disrespectful.



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