Just Trying to Stay Afloat

Lately it’s about staying afloat. I used to think summer was the best time of the year, but as a writer, I have found it to be a bit of a nuisance. The kids are constantly needing something or wanting to go some place and to keep everyone from dying of boredom we try. Last week was spent a the cottage, perfect week to go by the way it was too hot to stay in the city. We have my husband’s relatives over from Chile and next week my cousin and his little family will arrive, this will in no doubt keep us all very busy. We will make those trips to the tourist destinations they most want to see, such as Niagara Falls, (the Canadian side is beautiful BTW!) the CN Tower that kind of stuff. So needless to say there is a lot of entertaining to be done and lots of driving around as well—I am not a fan of driving.

Now what about the writing? Well I am big on routine therefore I have worked out a system for the summer, but unfortunately this involves waking up earlier than I would like. The one thing I was looking forward to while the kids are off for the summer was sleeping in, even if writing wasn’t one of my passions it still wouldn’t have panned out. My children never, ever sleep in. So I’m trying. Having a critique group to submit to keeps me motivated and I am enjoying that part of the process. But as long as the story is moving along works fine for me, right now my word count on WIP is 30k, this of course is not all in order since I have a tendency to write in parts. Now it’s just a matter of connecting the parts I have already written with new material, this is thankfully not as difficult as some might think. The reason I write in parts is to get down whatever pops into my head as soon as possible so I don’t forget it, most of the time that one little idea turns into a few chapters and voila before I know it I have a good deal of the story. Well folks I am off to connect the pieces!
How is your summer coming along? 

4 thoughts on “Just Trying to Stay Afloat

  1. Technically I am getting lots of re-writing finished while doing my class. I'm just not making it through the entire book each time I search for whatever comes up in each lesson. I will have some major work to do later.
    Sorry the kids are being…well…kids. I wish we all could have afforded camp or something. I know mine would have benefited from it but its so ridiculously expensive here.
    I don't want to wish summer away but it wont be much longer!
    Enjoy the trips with your family. They will get you through the down days.


  2. It's a huge relief I found your blog today. It seems with each passing day in summer my writing and editing is becoming less and less. I'm a Type A personality so even when I'm not doing something, it's been planned in advance.

    Right now I'm still pushing my way through the revision trenches and on my way to querydom. It's not an easy task with the hubs off from school for a month and me wanting to just cuddle with him. I'll push forth and keep working. It can be done!

    Best of luck with everything! Nice to meet you in the fancy world of blogging! I do hope you'll stop by Unedited to say hello!


  3. I always struggle with focus in the summer. It's so nice to know I am not alone in that. I've always wondered how writing books in parts would pan out. I've heard of quite a few authors who use this method. It seems like it would help prevent those moments of getting stuck, if nothing else! Hang in there. Sadly, summer will be gone before we know it.


  4. Good luck with connecting the pieces and squeezing in the writing. I feel your pain.

    I'm just finishing off the edits to my WIP (should be finished them tomorrow or Friday), then it's off to my CP and beta reader. Both wanted to reread it. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy working (when my kids let me) on preplanning my next project. 😀


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