Okay, I Admit It I Like Getting Feedback!

First off I hope everyone is having a great summer, it’s been pretty busy for me so far and it will only get worse as the summer progresses. I have been writing, critiquing, doing some revising of my WIP, driving my kids around to pools, parks and soccer fields and I am tired as a dog. Today it all caught up with me. I decided to lie down for a few minutes and ended up waking up three hours later, I haven’t taken a nap in eight years since my my first son was born. What sucks is that I still feel tired, but I have soldier on I suppose.

Because I have been critiquing, which by the way is a great way to keep me writing.  Knowing I have to produce every few days or so helps me to sit at the computer and work. So staying on that topic I a sort of have a confession to make. I wrote a while back about how terrifying it was for me to send out my work to be critiqued. As a writer I doubt myself constantly and have gotten into, what I think, is the bad habit of editing as I go. This new part of my writing process has me spending way too much time on my chapters and not enough time actually getting the story out. I wrote about that too. I am trying to get back to writing it all out and revise/edit later—preferably when I type The End. Anyway back to critiquing, I use hate it. The whole process would drive me crazy, I would open up my email and I would get nervous at the thought of someone’s feedback popping up in my in-box. Well I’ve had a change of heart, I realized how beneficial having critique partners is a vital part of the writing process, I have always known that. Until recently I had never had anybody read my work, it was intimidating to say the least. I have connected with some great girls who give me very honest and constructive feedback that I find has helped me better my writing in a way I have never thought I could. More so because in the beginning I just didn’t get it. You know things like showing and not telling, what is that, how do you do that were frequent questions. Getting my WIP critiqued has helped me to understand the show part better, I now get what readers might want and therefore I look forward to sending out my pages, I even look forward to getting them back with the feedback. To those who don’t have critique aprtners, get one it is  one of the most important parts of writing. 

Do you have critique partners? Do look forward to the feedback? Or do you still get nervous when you send your WIP to get critiqued?

One thought on “Okay, I Admit It I Like Getting Feedback!

  1. I've got a few girls who read my larger stories and help me get everything straight. With short stories and such, there is usually no time for critiques…


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