I Just Want A Moment To Write!


Just something quick. I am having a hard time getting into the swing of things now that the kids are home, I thought I had this whole schedule thing planned out. You know I would write at night when the kids were fast asleep for a couple of hours, no television, just the laptop and me. While the kids were in school things worked out great, the mornings were my designated writing time, which left the afternoons for taking care of my domestic duties. Well now it’s not turning out so good. 

First last week the kids and I headed to Mount Vernon, Ohio to visit with my sister in law and brother, that right there threw me off. I didn’t bring my laptop with me and that was a mistake, it’s why my momentum is on low gear now. I did however write a little something on my iPod, which seemed to help keep up with the story I am writing. The way things are panning out so far it’s going to be a busy summer, we have relatives coming from abroad who will undoubtedly need to be entertained so there will be trips to Niagara Falls, Canada’s Wonderland both super fun tourist traps. Next week we are all heading to the cottage for seven days, that there will be a bit of a struggle.


So how are some of you handling the kids being home? Are you getting any writing done? When you do sit at the computer to write, do you get looks from your neglected husbands? I do all the time!


4 thoughts on “I Just Want A Moment To Write!

  1. Fortunately, no kids here! But even without, if you want to write, you need to be egoistic and tell the other people to take care of themselves for an hour or two.


  2. Yes. The BOY is a source of constant interruption. While in school I had started to write during the day. I thought about switching back to night now that he is home but I'm just beat. So right now I am reading more than writing.


  3. No kids here, although I do have a couple visiting in August. I've decided to forget writing for that fortnight.

    I think you have to be firm though. Ignore the neglected looks (hard, I know) and give yourself an hour or two a day when everyone has to take care of themselves.

    Good luck!


  4. I am back to full time work and I am the least organized person I know. Needless to say, I'm not writing. Working until 5, dinner, clean-up, and kid stuff wipes out the night. I have no idea when I'll write again. Maybe when my kids are fifteen. . . twenty? 😦


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