Talking About Books… Well Just One Book!

This week I am talking books, hell I am always talking about reading or writing and lately I find I have very little topics of conversation. I don’t talk to too many people about my writing because not everybody gets it. So I talk to people about books, mostly my cousins and friends who are avid readers. Lately our conversation surround the 20th Anniversary addition of  Diana Gabaldon‘s Outlander. This story is by far one of my favorites and one I have read multiple times, if you’ve read my previous posts you know this. It’s unbelievable how much I miss the characters once I finish each book. But as most of us know that is not the only story out there, lately there have been some great reads and to be able to indulge in them is fascinating to me. I read everything form YA to Romance to Women’s fiction to Mystery and Sci-Fi. But I am sticking with the subject of Outlander because I am obsessed, how obsessed, well let me tell you. I have three copies of Book one in the series. Two are hardcover, one is paper back size that is signed,  7 are Mass Market Paperbound. But I am a big fan of hardcover books and these are extremely hard to find. Just a few weeks ago I got a call from a used book store in the town I live in advising the book I’d been on a waiting list for was in. Finally book 2  —in hardcover of course— was in my hands, I was on that waiting list and searching for that particular book for two years. My goal is to collect them all in hardcover. In case your wondering, I am missing 2, Voyager and A Breath Of Snow And Ashes. If you know where I can find them let me know. So I have not only decided to become a writer, but I am now an unofficially book collector, only my collection consists of one author. 

Have you ever been that in love with a story? Do you gave multiple copies on one book? Which do you prefer soft or hardcover?


One thought on “Talking About Books… Well Just One Book!

  1. Right now I've got three copies of Neil Gaiman's “American Gods” – I thought I'd lost my copy so I got a new one, and then the old one reappeared. And now I got the “author's preferred text” 10th anniversary edition. Plus I got it as an audiobook, and am waiting for the (hopefully to come soon) new audiobook version.

    (I'm a fangirl.)


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