Have You Got Your Summer Reading List?

Now that summer is hear I have a few goals, one of them of course to keep writing. My schedule will change from my daily work hours to finding the time in the evening since the kids will be home. My second goal is to read, I have a list, don’t all readers have a list? With the exception of tow book, they have all been borrowed  from a very good friend who insists I read them. This is how it usually works with me, I rarely walk into a book store and by a book just on a whim. Books come to me as recommendations by friends and family people who I affectionately call my book pushers. Thanks to them I have become addicted to many books that I have borrowed and enjoyed so much that I have gone and bought so I can indulge in the story as many times as I want. I have and will pretty much read anything this is why my list is, as you will see is quite diverse. So for this summer my list is a little long, for me anyway since I have to spend most of my time entertaining an 8,6 and 4 year old. 

My reading list consists of the following.

Passion by Lauren Kate (currently reading)
The Art Of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein
Secret Daughter by  Shilpi Somaya Gowda
Left Neglected by Lisa Genova
A Game Of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

What are you reading this summer? Have you compiled your list? Do you have any recommendation?


2 thoughts on “Have You Got Your Summer Reading List?

  1. I only have the one spud to entertain for the summer. He is signed up for the library summer reading challenge and his Kindergarten teacher sent home lots of 'fun' work. That should keep him busy for about 5 minutes.

    As for books I want to read…
    Smokin' Seventeen – Evanovich
    A Discovery of Witches – Harkness
    Hit List – Hamilton
    Marked – Cast
    The Highlander series – Moning

    Let me know if you like Game of Thrones. I don't know anyone who has actually read it.



  2. Geez, I wish I had time to read! For me, it comes down to reading or writing, and of course writing it is.

    (I sneak a glance at other people's words on the subway, but that is less than 10min every work day, so it doesn't count. 😦 )


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