Finding Ways To Move On With The Story


When I started this blog, it was mostly to chronicle my journey and share my experiences with other bloggers and writers. So far, it’s been great I have connected with other writers and I benefit greatly from their blogs. I have to admit I don’t blog regularly, I try to get in something at least once a week to keep that on-line presence, but it’s hard to maintain a regular schedule. 

 Today I am going to write a little about my writing process. A few weeks ago I blogged about my desire to put myself on a writing scheduled of four hours a day, well that has worked out well and I am still on that schedule, at least until the kids are out of school. Now my new issue is moving on from chapter to chapter. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a pantser I sit and I write plain and simple. Lately though, I have been getting into the habit of writing chapters, which are about 12 to 14 pages, and editing them before I go on. There is nothing wrong with this except that I find myself getting stuck editing the finished chapter for longer than I would like to and it’s incredibly difficult to stop doing so. All I want is to move on before my head explodes or I forget what I want to happen next. Well I know what will happen next, but the words pop into my head way before I am ready to write them. So, to keep my thoughts in order I have started a journal that is quickly filling up. In it, I write my story as it pops into my head so I can insert it where ever I think it will go in the current or next chapter. This so far is working well, the story is moving on even though I am not actually typing it into the word doc. Other methods I have been using lately is writing in my phone, I don’t always carry the note book with me and I should, but as long as I have something to write my thought in it works for me. Finding new way to move on with the story is useful, if you’re like me and get stuck editing and revising when you should or would like to keep moving you story forward a journal is a great way to accomplish that. Then it’s just transferring everything over to your doc.

Tell me:

Do you have a journal? What’s your editing process? Do you edit as you go or wait until you have great big chunk? Or do you wait until you’re done the novel? 




6 thoughts on “Finding Ways To Move On With The Story

  1. I can't edit until I reach the end of the first draft. My first drafts are horrible, believe me, but I worry that the story will somehow escape me if I don't get it written down.

    I used to be a pantser but I have to work to a synopsis and deadline now.

    I suppose my journal is my blog … I've started proper journals but then I forget them. 🙂


  2. Basically, I write the first draft and then polish everything. My story is planned pretty firmly when I start writing, so I guess my scenes are more “thought out” by the time I write them, and I know who has to be where doing what at the beginning and at the end. (The middle still pretty much surprises me – why won't those characters never do as they are told???) Editing, this time, mostly consists of me trying to figure out the historical mistakes and polishing the pieces that, on rereading, are less than nice.


  3. Shirley – I used just write not bothering to edit until the end for the same reason I,too was afraid I woudl forget. So now I write things down.

    Diandra – I am like you, I know the beginning and the end clearly in my mind. The middle for me is the best part because it's the part of the story I create as I go..

    Heather – Writing down ideas and thoughts helps me move forward. Don't ever stop doing that it's all so easy to forget, specially with our busy lives.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog BTW!


  4. I have a notebook that I keep with me at all times! It is attached to my hand. In it, I write down ideas for characters, or stories or take notes when I'm at a workshop. I also keep my to do list in there as well.

    I'm more of a panster. I used to edit my work as I went, but then I would never finish anything. When I participated in National Novel Writing Month last year, I finally learned to let go and just get the words down on paper.


  5. I think whatever you do that helps you get the words out is good. Plotting, blogging, whatever, just as long as you're writing something. My processes are changing so I'll let you know when I figure out, lol.


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