Full Refund…

If there is one thing, I have learned since I started writing is to respect other writers. No matter if they are published or unpublished, the amount of work that goes into creating the world some of the characters we love, live in and building those situations that not only make them likable but believable as well.

Last week I went to the bookstore to do something I had never in done before, I returned a book. I could not for the life of me get into the story. I didn’t like the characters and I could in no way connect to their situation or even sympathize in the way that maybe as the reader I was meant to do. Out of respect, I will not name the book or the author; this isn’t a review after all is just my account of my experience. Although it was a YA, and I read a lot of teen fiction, this for a reason I can’t explain did not connect with me. It’s rare for me to not give a book a chance and even more to head back to the bookstore and return it. I am a big fan of giving books a chance, how many times have we began to read a book that seemed difficult to get into only to find that we are unable to put it down. We find ourselves up until the wee hours of the morning still eagerly turning the pages to what happens next. It happens to me all the time, it’s just one of the joys of reading to find yourself indulging in a world you would not otherwise have imagine. This particular novel got me thinking about the way I write, I want the characters I create to be memorable for the right reasons, not because a reader out there didn’t like them or worse, didn’t believe them. I must say, though that I had read other novels by this particular author and enjoyed it, so I obviously expected to like this book. Most readers stick to a particular author right. Once you read one book, you will read them all. Some examples are Nicholas Sparks, Diana Gabaldon and Stephen King the list is endless. And let’s not forget those debut authors we have all recently become addicted to…

We read to get lost, to let our imaginations run wild and ask our self that one question, “What if?”

This experience I have to say was in a way enlightening, it makes me want to be good, write well, and most of all love the story I have created enough so that someone else will feel the same.

Tell me, have you ever read a book you didn’t like at first? Have you ever started a book and decided it wasn’t for you and took it back?


4 thoughts on “Full Refund…

  1. I used to think that if I picked up a book I had to finish it. That must have been when I had a lot of time on my hands. That sooooo doesn't happen anymore. I give each book a fair shake but if it can't grab me in the first few chapters I won't continue to read it.
    Lots of the most popular books out there I have tried and not liked and then I wonder what everyone else saw in them and I didn't.
    It's also why I rely heavily on my local libraries and not the bookstore as much.
    Great post.


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