How Soon Is Too Soon?

When writing a scene where the hero and heroine meet for the first time, I often wonder how soon is too soon to get these two characters together. There has to be an initial attraction or maybe not. How many times have we picked up a book to find the hero and heroine are just not that into each other only to read on and see them fall in love? Or that story where the hero and heroine fall for each other at first sight, it can happen in real life I have seen, so why can’t it happen in books too. There always that scene where one the characters feels an intense, unexplainable connection to the other and thus the writer’s job is to make that whole first meeting believable. Think back to your own experience, being out in the dating scene meeting lots of people, falling in love, falling out of love. How long before you got to that all important first kiss? When writing romance, foe me anyway and I think of these first meeting, first dates and so on I go back to my or to my friend’s personal experiences.
When we write we concern ourselves with pacing and therefore as a writer we prolong the first physical interaction between the hero and heroine because we might think it’s too soon and the reader will lose interest. However, as the reader I want to see the hero and heroine get together, this will keep me reading because I want to see where that journey will take them. This is why I can’t get enough of The Outlander series it’s all about seeing where Jaime and Claire will eventually end up it’s one of those romances that make you believe.
In my current WIP my hero and heroine meet in the first chapter, because of the storyline it was important this meeting happened quickly. I like to think I paced it well, but most of all I like to think I made it believable.  

Are you a fan of contemporary romance? Do you like to see the hero and heroine get together early on in the story? 

2 thoughts on “How Soon Is Too Soon?

  1. It depends on the story for me. I liked to be introduced to the MCs early on, but I don't like the love action to happen too soon. I want to beg for it a bit. not like a twilight thing where I'm screaming, “enough already. just do it.” I just like a bit of foreplay and then see how they come together. I don't read contemporary romances, but I like my stories to have elements of love in them.


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