Temporarily Out Of Service…

For the past few weeks Blogger has had its ups and downs, personally encountered my own issues with the system. I can no longer post comments on some of your blog posts. This I think is due to the comment setting.  See if some of you have it set to full page I can’t post my comment, but if you have it on pop-up window I have no problem doing so. Needless to say, this restriction in annoying the shit out of me and the fact that I have to resort to other methods such as Twitter to comment on posts.
As a new blogger who is trying to establish relationships with other bloggers and build a follower list this is incredibly frustrating. What is even more so is that other than posting messages on the Blogger forum there is no way to get in touch with anyone in support. I have posted my concern/issue along with 15 or so other people other bloggers, but how long will it take to get the problem fixed? Considering the amount of subscribers that Blogger has, you would think they would be more accessible or at least be more aware of the problems some of us face.

Have you encountered any problems with blogger? If so, ho long before the problem was fixed? Were you able to find a solution in their Help Forum ?


2 thoughts on “Temporarily Out Of Service…

  1. I had this same problem. So frustrating. I started typing my name in the Name/url option on blogs but not all blogs allow you to do that. So I decided to see if I switched to Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer would fix the problem and it has. I can comment, woo-hoo. Chrome may have tweaked my email a bit and I'm having a hard time replying to messages but I can comment on blogs. lol. Try switching to Firefox or Chrome see if that helps. Good luck.


  2. Except for the general blogger-down (and the withdrawal symptoms), I haven't had any trouble with it, I guess. Using Firefox at the office and at home.


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