I Did It, I Found The Time!

In my last blog, which I have to admit was a while ago, I wrote about trying to distribute my time between writing and my domestic duties by designating four hours of the day to do nothing but write. Well let me tell you, it has worked wonders for me as far as the writing goes. I have three boys under 9 years old, so my house is in constant need of some cleaning. Trying to keep up with that is hopeless. Anyway, as mentioned before I am a stay at home mom and I am fortunate to have all three of my kids in school full time, from 8am to 3pm. Therefore I have loads of time to myself and to write. In recent months, I began to have trouble simply sitting down and working mainly because I felt that I was being a bit neglectful. So in order to attempt to put order at home I would sit at the computer for an hour then get up and go do laundry, sit back down for half an hour and get up and do something else. The distractions were endless. I decided I would put myself on a schedule; write for four hours (min.) in the mornings and the remainder of my time I would dedicate to the house, laundry, dinner, kids and so on. The hard part is solely concentrating on the writing, though I took breaks because let’s face it, I can’t sit for four hours and not move around. I took full advantage of the time to work and I have to say I have managed to maintain a steady routine. There will always be something that will throw me off, doctor’s or dentist visits and as the end of the school year nears this will become more difficult and will probably have to switch my writing schedule to evenings after the kids are in bed. This means I will have to keep them running, biking and playing any sport I know to teach to wear them down and have them in bed by 8pm, this is the time they always go to bed.
My goal for the summer is to continue writing and lots.
What’s yours? What works for you? Have you established a schedule? 

4 thoughts on “I Did It, I Found The Time!

  1. I'm going to have to figure out how to balance writing and my family. I'm headed back to full time work after 7 yrs. of momminess. I also did the ten minutes on and then off to do laundry. I think no matter what we do, balance and planning is good.


  2. Good for you! I'm so glad you stuck with it.
    My son will also be home with me for the summer and I'm wondering what to do with him.
    I do write better at night but then I'm cranky all the next day.
    Great news on your new schedule though.


  3. I meant to ask this before I hit post… I noticed on the right you are reading City of Fallen Angels. Do you like it? Is that paranormal? Just curious because I just heard about it and there you have it on your page. Thanks.


  4. Heather, City Of Fallen Angels is the third book in a six book YA urban fantasy series. It's not what I usually read and I have to admit at first I wasn't hooked, but once I gave the first book (City Of Bones) a chance I could NOT put the book down and quickly devoured them.


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