4 Hours A Day!

Over the past few weeks, writing has been a bit of a struggle for me, not because I don’t know what to write, although that was the case for a little while.  Now it seems that the amount of time I spend in front of the computer is my problem.  See I get easily distracted and sitting for long periods in front of a computer, for me anyway, makes’ me restless.  I need to move around, get up, get coffee, or water, food and somewhere between lunch and breakfast I detour to the living and turn on the television.  At first, my excuse was to check the weather, but now I sit on the couch and watch episodes of something just to kill time. The funny part is that I am not a big T.V watcher.  Since I know that sitting for long “working” is not something that I can tolerate for too long, I have decided to dedicate at least four hours every day to nothing but writing. Should I feel inspired to continue past that period I will, there is no way I will stop just because my time is up. On the flip side, there are days when I can write all day and not feel the need to get out of my chair, but those days are rare.  I figure if I give myself a time frame I will be more productive in my writing and still have time for family and a house that lately, despite my best efforts looks neglected. 
How many hours a day do you write? Do you find that sometimes sitting in front of your computer writing makes you restless?

3 thoughts on “4 Hours A Day!

  1. Usually, if I get up in time, I will have about one hour before going to work. (Today it took me 40min to convince myself to get up early, and even after skipping meditation, I was left with only half an hour.) The rest of the day is eaten up by the day job, exercise, housekeeping – and at the end of the day I am most often too tired to write, although sometimes… – well, one hour per day is what I'm aiming for at the moment.


  2. I spent long hours in front of the computer writing (and not doing the housework which is waiting for me). But I'm like you, Jessica. I can't sit still for long. TV isn't my problem though. I just fidget a lot.

    It's hard to say how long I write for. Five plus hours a day, but that includes working on my novel and writing blog posts. And it's less than that on the weekends.


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