Just A Rant!

Writing is not a subject I talk to many people about, but every once in a while I get asked what I do for a living.  Up until a few months ago I would say I am a stay at home mom, now I tell people I am a writer, and this gets some eyebrows rising. One question I get asked a lot is what I write, a question I ignore because when I say romance I get more raised eyebrows. A reaction that makes me laugh because I know what they are thinking, but “no” I say, “it’s not that kind of romance.”  Another question is if I’ve been published, “not yet” is always my answer.  I am used these questions and people’s curiosity, but there is always that one person who tries to dampen your spirit and makes a comment that gets to me.  This brings me to my rant and an encounter with a mom that I had never talked to before at my kid’s school. 
There is a spot at the school a small group of moms and I stand to wait for our kids, well yesterday there was a “new mom” standing there with us.  One of the moms I talk to on a regular basis asked me how my book was coming a long and “new mom” turned to ask and confirm what the other had said. Anyway to make a long story short, after I answered all her questions, she turns to me and says “It seems like a lot of work to not get paid for it, don’t you think?” I said nothing and she continued. “I  think being a writer is a lonely profession.” she finished.  Right because she knows all about it right? Of course I didn’t keep my mouth shut, I told her that “the work isn’t lonely at all because the characters in my head keep me company and although I don’t get paid for doing what I do, the work is extremely rewarding and those who don’t know what it entails to create a story just don get it!”
There is something incredibly fulfilling about creating a world that is yours, this is something that people who have never written a word will never understand, unless they are avid readers. They will never know the sense of accomplishment we writers get when we write those last two words “THE END”. 
Have you ever had someone say something negative about your writing? What do you tell them? Does it motivate you to work harder?  

2 thoughts on “Just A Rant!

  1. Well, some people have given me “the weird look” in the past when I say that I write. But apart from that… It felt like boasting to say that I was a writer for so many years, but now I can just do it, and most people appear to think it's cool.


  2. I usually get that look where they look down their nose at me because not only am a lowly writer, I write *gasp* novels for teens.

    My favorite question (not) is when they ask me if they've read my book. Yep, because I know every book they've ever read. 😛


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