When And Where You Write

I am a stay at home mom, my children are at school all day, and I am lucky to have seven hours of uninterrupted writing time. Unfortunately I don’t take advantage of the time the way, I am sure, most other writers would. As you can see, I don’t have a problem finding the time to write, it’s getting motivated to write that seems to be my issue. This of course wasn’t always the case, I could sit at my computer and write until I glanced at the clock and realized my kids needed to be picked up at school. No, I didn’t forget, I just got so involved in the story I was writing it was easy to block everything else out.  Now I find sitting at my kitchen table the least inspiring place to be, I don’t have a space where I can go and shut the door, whether I am alone or not.  Maybe that’s the problem, I need a space where I can go to, shut the door and not be interrupted. This is where the “Where” comes in. Many writers out there can write anywhere, not me, I can’t go to a coffee shop to be alone because I am so easily distracted. People watching is a weakness I rarely admit to, it’s why my husband hates going out to dinner with me.  I also can’t sit in bed, or on the couch with my laptop propped on my legs.  It’s uncomfortable and if I am on the couch that means the television is on, not such a good thing for me. Therefore, I think my days sitting at the kitchen table are numbered. The place and time you write is crucial for your creative senses to take flight. Normally in a “real” work environment, I would sit at a desk not a kitchen table and I think that is what I need.  A real desk, in a room that gives me the impression I am working, my dream to write is not just a dream it’s my job. I say this because I have invested so much time in ensuring that the images and voices in my head make it to paper, or in my case to computer screen.

Where do you write? Is the space you use enough to get work done? Do you have a day job and have to make the time?


One thought on “When And Where You Write

  1. I'm a lucky girl, we made sure to have a flat with “offices” for both of us (well, we don't have kids yet, thus the office thing may change…). I've got a tiny room with just enough space for my desk, books, rocking chair, altar and a big pile of “creativity stuff” (filling for stuffed animals, fabric and such). But I do not have as much writing time as I would like to have – first there is the day job (office, translator), then the usual housekeeping and cooking, plus I needed to make some time for regular exercise, my body had started expanding in all the wrong directions! I try to get up 90min early every morning, to meditate and write (and have my first coffee without talking to anyone), but this week I haven't been really successful thus far… will try again tomorrow! (Writing and meditating, unfortunately, are the first things to disappear when my schedule gets squeezed… although they are the things that keep me sane.)


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