Sometimes You Just Need To Walk Away— For A While

Sometimes we writers create stories with topics that can be so overwhelming emotionally that it’s hard to get through scenes or sometimes even create them.  This is the case for me, I have been struggling with my WIP since the first word. We’ve all read or been told to not be afraid to kill you darling right? I always thought however that the killing starts once you finish your novel not in the middle or in my case in the beginning. I have written 4 chapters and I have literally butchered the thing at least a dozen times. So, how do you know when it’s time to just walk away, temporarily of course, I can’t imagine walking away from this story especially since I have become so emotionally attached. This by the way is something that has never happened to me before.  Also in all honesty it has never been this hard to write for me. Usually when I begin a story I just write and worry about the the fixes later, I just want to get my thoughts down and fix later, but with this new story I can’t seem to move on and want to edit as I go.

Is this normal? Have you ever been overwhelmed by your WIP you want to just walk away?


One thought on “Sometimes You Just Need To Walk Away— For A While

  1. When I sit down to write and nothing comes or I am struggling with the words, I do feel its our writer's brain telling us we need to rethink or rewrite. I find if I step away for a while but keep letting it work around in my head I will eventually find the roadblock and then I can write again.
    Good luck, don't let it get you down. I'm sure it happens all the time to all writers.


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