The Query… Where To Begin???

Last week I talked about the big “S” word, yes folks it’s a nasty one sometimes —Synopsis. OK so here’s the thing, getting started on the synopsis was hard and I mean hard, I had no clue where to begin.  However once I started writing it all seemed to flow easily and now I’m thinking, hold up this can’t be a good, it wasn’t supposed to be easy. For all I know it was a complete disaster —I will find out tonight in class. Today is our last and final class and our final assignment assignment the QUERY is due and let me tell ya this is harder. I’ve written it and rewritten it more the four times and I have no idea if what I have written NOW is what it should look like, sound like or if it’s effective enough to make someone, anyone want to read it. I feel like writing “JUST READ THE MANUSCRIPT I PROMISE IT’S GOOD!” but isn’t that what we all think, because quite honestly I ain’t even sure anymore.It’s crazy, just think, here I am blogging instead of penning out an award winning query! Really who I am kidding that’s not going to happen —today anyway. I will try,  have critiqued and hope that whatever is said about it will help me enough to get it right the next time. I truly believe the synopsis was easier… OK so this wasn’t just a blog post, this was more like a little blog vent.
Have you written a query, how hard was it? Is it just me or is it really as daunting as I make it sound?

2 thoughts on “The Query… Where To Begin???

  1. It sucks, it sucks, it sucks. Writing one, that is. I wrote many query letters, a short synopsis, a long synopsis and a twitter pitch. It's crazy hard.
    I just put my most recent query up on the blog today for free pot shots if you want an evening laugh!
    Good luck with your class assignment. I hope they go easy on you!


  2. I hate synopsis even more than I hate queries. At least queries are short and you don't tell the ending. Plus, I think I'm getting better at writing queries . . . or maybe I'm just deluding myself into believing that. 😀


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