Short And Sweet

I like blogging I really do, but I have to admit I am a total blogging slacker. I don’t like to write epic posts, I like them short and sweet… done! Although I do read long posts, mostly because they deal with a particular topic I’m interested in, most of the time I don’t have the time to sit and read them all. I prefer the ones that are quick and to the point. Although I do try to stop by and read as many blogs I follows as possible, it’s not always possible… make any sense?
Also for me trying to find something to blog about that hasnt’ already been written is hard and has a lot to do with my slacking, so I try to stick to my experiences because it’s the only thing I see being somewhat original.  I say somewhat because at the end of the day as writers we all suffer the same frustrations.
Do you read long blog posts? What do you do to stay current and avoid repetition? Do you have a process to come up with new material for your blog?

2 thoughts on “Short And Sweet

  1. I like short posts and long posts. Short posts are great because writers are ALWAYS pressed for time, but reading a long post can be beneficial in that it can help with your own writing or publishing quest. 🙂


  2. I don't like the long posts. I skim. I have some good friends that write long posts and I struggle. Maybe it is my short attention span or something. I dunno. I like them short and sweet, informative and humorous. I never know what to write about and have been a HUGE slacker. I need to be better at it, but it is a lot of work writing, commenting, and visiting other people's blogs. I guess we're just still trying to figure it out. I do love coming to your blog, you're doing great. no worries. 🙂


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