Prologues, You Like?

What exactly is a prologue? Well, it’s a brief outline of the backstory, rather than have the information inserted later in the story it’s given to you up front, in the prologue.  It’s also used to hook the reader and to give the story question up front and give the reader a reason to keep turning the pages. Do you need a prologue, well that`s a matter of preference.  Personally I am not a big fan of writing or reading them, if there is a prologue in the books I buy I do read them, but sometime I feel like it slows it all down for me. Maybe it`s that usually I am really anxious to begin reading the story. 
Prologues also introduce readers to the characters, the story and identifies the POV.  My reason for not liking prologues is that i find some are too long and tend to reveal things I much rather read in the story itself. What I tend to dislike a lot is when the prologue is a passage from the story, if that`s the case than leave it out.

Do you write prologues? Do you like them? When you buy a book do you read it or skip to the first chapter?


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