How hard Is It, Really?

When I decided to call myself a writer and told people about it the first question I got asked was “what do you write?”.  The second is “isn’t it hard?” my answer to that is, no it’s not hard, in fact all you really need is basic writing ability and by that I mean a basic knowledge of how a sentence is constructed, an idea of grammar and how to make it all work so it makes sense to the reader.  It’s important to have a knack for storytelling, I will use my son as an example, he loves to draw and out of these drawings he has a whole story he wants told.  He’s got a journal where he does this, now I would never know the picture warrant a four paragraph story, but he tells it and for an eight year old tells well.  This is what I mean by having the knack for storytelling, it’s not just our imagination but our curiosity that gets our mind rolling to the point where these characters we create don’t ever leave us alone. 

So is it hard, no it’s not! Your only obstacle is you, if want to do something, anything at all you need to start…

Was it hard for you to get started? Were you surprised when you started writing how easily the words flowed? Tell me, does your imagination get the better of you sometimes?


One thought on “How hard Is It, Really?

  1. I started writing my first novel because I felt compelled by something to do it. It was a horrible mess of tensing problems and cliches. It makes me blush even thinking about it. But I continued to read, write, and challenge myself and eventually I think I improved. I don't think I've hitten that “it's easy” stride yet. I feel like I still hold back and feel the pressure to be perfect first go 'round, but that isn't good. I love the voices in my head and allow them to lead the way most of the time.


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