Sometimes You Just Need To Walk Away— For A While

Sometimes we writers create stories with topics that can be so overwhelming emotionally that it’s hard to get through scenes or sometimes even create them.  This is the case for me, I have been struggling with my WIP since the first word. We’ve all read or been told to not be afraid to kill you darling right? I always thought however that the killing starts once you finish your novel not in the middle or in my case in the beginning. I have written 4 chapters and I have literally butchered the thing at least a dozen times. So, how do you know when it’s time to just walk away, temporarily of course, I can’t imagine walking away from this story especially since I have become so emotionally attached. This by the way is something that has never happened to me before.  Also in all honesty it has never been this hard to write for me. Usually when I begin a story I just write and worry about the the fixes later, I just want to get my thoughts down and fix later, but with this new story I can’t seem to move on and want to edit as I go.

Is this normal? Have you ever been overwhelmed by your WIP you want to just walk away?


The Query… Where To Begin???

Last week I talked about the big “S” word, yes folks it’s a nasty one sometimes —Synopsis. OK so here’s the thing, getting started on the synopsis was hard and I mean hard, I had no clue where to begin.  However once I started writing it all seemed to flow easily and now I’m thinking, hold up this can’t be a good, it wasn’t supposed to be easy. For all I know it was a complete disaster —I will find out tonight in class. Today is our last and final class and our final assignment assignment the QUERY is due and let me tell ya this is harder. I’ve written it and rewritten it more the four times and I have no idea if what I have written NOW is what it should look like, sound like or if it’s effective enough to make someone, anyone want to read it. I feel like writing “JUST READ THE MANUSCRIPT I PROMISE IT’S GOOD!” but isn’t that what we all think, because quite honestly I ain’t even sure anymore.It’s crazy, just think, here I am blogging instead of penning out an award winning query! Really who I am kidding that’s not going to happen —today anyway. I will try,  have critiqued and hope that whatever is said about it will help me enough to get it right the next time. I truly believe the synopsis was easier… OK so this wasn’t just a blog post, this was more like a little blog vent.
Have you written a query, how hard was it? Is it just me or is it really as daunting as I make it sound?

Short And Sweet

I like blogging I really do, but I have to admit I am a total blogging slacker. I don’t like to write epic posts, I like them short and sweet… done! Although I do read long posts, mostly because they deal with a particular topic I’m interested in, most of the time I don’t have the time to sit and read them all. I prefer the ones that are quick and to the point. Although I do try to stop by and read as many blogs I follows as possible, it’s not always possible… make any sense?
Also for me trying to find something to blog about that hasnt’ already been written is hard and has a lot to do with my slacking, so I try to stick to my experiences because it’s the only thing I see being somewhat original.  I say somewhat because at the end of the day as writers we all suffer the same frustrations.
Do you read long blog posts? What do you do to stay current and avoid repetition? Do you have a process to come up with new material for your blog?

Prologues, You Like?

What exactly is a prologue? Well, it’s a brief outline of the backstory, rather than have the information inserted later in the story it’s given to you up front, in the prologue.  It’s also used to hook the reader and to give the story question up front and give the reader a reason to keep turning the pages. Do you need a prologue, well that`s a matter of preference.  Personally I am not a big fan of writing or reading them, if there is a prologue in the books I buy I do read them, but sometime I feel like it slows it all down for me. Maybe it`s that usually I am really anxious to begin reading the story. 
Prologues also introduce readers to the characters, the story and identifies the POV.  My reason for not liking prologues is that i find some are too long and tend to reveal things I much rather read in the story itself. What I tend to dislike a lot is when the prologue is a passage from the story, if that`s the case than leave it out.

Do you write prologues? Do you like them? When you buy a book do you read it or skip to the first chapter?

Slacking On the Writing… With Good Reason!

OK, so here’s the thing.  I talked about things like life getting in the way of writing, blogging and tweeting, well usually none of this is done on purpose. However this time I have to admit I intentionally slacked on all me writerly duties to concentrate a little bit more on my house. A few months ago I decide I was hoping to paint, let tell you not one speck of color has touched my walls.  They are still the dull of white paint put there by the builder. So in an effort to have my house look a little more presentable I have started working the room that is the gathering place and the pride and joy of all homes, the kitchen.  With the help of my father in law we worked none stop on the backsplash that now seems to be the focal point of the kitchen, stealing the attention away from the big kitchen island that was once all the rave. Above is a picture of our work, we are both very proud of it and I have to admit it was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  A little tiring yes, but not hard at all.  so my excuse for slacking is a valid one and happy to say that my time away from the computer was productive.

What have you done lately that has taken you away from your writing? I’ve neglected certain things around my house, anything you feel you need to get a move on?

So You Gotta Write A Synopsis?

It’s all true people a synopsis is the most daunting thing you will ever have to write. I can’t imagine anyone saying “I love to write those things”.  I am nearing the end of my writing worship and one of the last things I have to do is write a synopsis. The next daunting thing is the querie.
Well let me tell ya, I got all cocky and thought, OK how hard can this be? Well let me tell you to get started was insanely hard, I honestly did not know where to begin. Four days had passed and all I had was four lines, one per day how ironic.  It’s not so much that it was hard writing it because once I got my groove on it was a piece of cake, how effective it is remains to be seen. But trying to condense 85K words into five pages is the real work.  Now that it’s finished its nicely stored in my computer where I will look at it with fresh eyes in a couple of days, I need to get away from it or I will feel compelled to start over and I can’t handle the frustration. 

Have you written you synopsis? When you got started did it seem easier? Are there any secrets to writing the synopsis?

Getting Ready To Read…

Where She Went (If I Stay, #2)                                     City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)

If there is one thing I look forward to is the release of new books, especially sequels I love sequels, I just hate waiting so long for them to hit the book store.  Today Gayle Forman’s Where She Went  hits stores and the much awaited fourth installment of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments  City Of Fallen Angels  hit shelves at midnight.  I am looking forward to reading both and I have to admit, thanks to these releases my productivity level will drop significantly.

Are there any new releases you’ve been eagerly waiting for?