My, Myself and I, I, I

As writers we have a preference when it comes to the POV used in telling a story, it make sense to write in a way that seems natural and is easy.  For me it’s the first person.  I have tried writing in third and find I inadvertently, at some point during the writing process, crossover to first person.  However, it is at times the most challenging to POV to use because I don’t plot or outline the first person POV requires I not only know my character but understand her as well.  You have to realize that these people we create are just that, a creation, a figment of our overactive imagination that we want to make real in not only our minds but in those who will hopefully and eventually read our novels.  Resisting to tell the story is another challenge when writing in first person, ensuring your MC doesn’t come off as self-absorbent and trying to constantly figure out ways to rephrase the “I” at the beginning of each paragraph, something not easy to avoid in the first person POV.  Another thing to remember is that when writing the story you don’t want to feel the frustration of feeling trapped in the head of you character, therefore it’s our job as writers to make the character an interesting one so neither the writer nor the reader become bored.  First person POV brings forth a sort of intimacy, we get the closest possible connection to the thoughts and feelings of the MC, but unless we use first person from various characters, your MC can never report what she/he hasn’t seen or felt.
What’s your point of view? Any challenges in you’ve come across in with the POV you’ve chosen to tell your story?

One thought on “My, Myself and I, I, I

  1. I wrote my first 4 stories in third person. It worked okay. Then I wrote my latest story in first person and bam! It was like a lightbulb went off. It was my favorite to write because I was so close, so in-tune with the MC. It worked out perfectly.

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to third person again. LoL.



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