Get Back To Work!

It turns out that we can’t always attribute our difficulty in coming up with words for our novels to writer’s block.  There are times when simple distraction can tear you in the wrong direction and your drive and inspiration leaves you completely.  Avoiding distractions is harder than it seems, our daily lives may be a huge one, but that said our reality is something we as writers can’t avoid.  It’s easy to slack off and not get any work done, especially if you’re working from home where there is no boos to tell to get back to work. Therefore, this brings me to the distractions that are within our control, television, Internet, or maybe even the radio.  We must turn it all off!  The Internet part is not always an easy thing, for me at least, to stay away form, I am constantly checking email, blogging, readign blogs and the ever addictive tweeting.  Lots of writers blog and we have followers who’s blogs we enjoy reading and often comment on, my problem is that I tend to get stuck reading every one’s posts and tweets that I forget I have work to get done, next thing I know it’s time to pick my kids up at school and voilà my day is completely shot.  
I need to find that balance, find a routine, and convince myself that the job I do is a serious one and needs to be done.  Last week I found myself in a rut, I read a couple of books went for walks and even took the train into the city with my kids and husband in hopes that it would get me going.  Let me tell ya’ there is nothing like heading in to Toronto’s China Town for your mind to open up, sometimes all we need is a change of scenery.  As for the distractions, well I avoided them completely to see if not tweeting or blogging could get me back on track, it wasn’t easy, but I am positive staying away helped…
How do you find the balance? How do you stay away from some of the distractions I mentioned?

2 thoughts on “Get Back To Work!

  1. I am thinking of my targets for this year. Late, I know, but I find that I'm wandering along, without a plan and believe me I know better. Once I establish my targets, then it's easier for me to stay focused. And yes, the internet is a HUGE distraction.


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