Could It Be Writer’s Block?

Last week I had a few great days of inspiration and wrote more than I had expected to, than I woke up Thursday morning and that inspiration was suddenly gone.  Sitting in front of my computer screen hoping for the words to develop in my mind and  make their way to my fingers tips and eventually on to the screen, but got nothing. I am still getting nothing,  I am halfway through a writing workshop in which we have started doing critiques a couple of weeks ago and the class is required to bring a scene from their chapters (4 to 5 Pages), these scenes have to be brought in every Wednesday, no excuses, and rather than bring in something I have already finished I decided to start something completely new in order to take full advantage of the workshop.  Well let me tell you, I don’t know if it’s the pressure of having to produce something new every week that is affecting me or simply writer’s block, which is not so simple, I can’t seem to get my groove on… Last week Racquel Henry guest blogged about writers block on Buffy Griffin and I commented on how I had gone through writer’s block once before and doing house chores helped me, I got over that bout pretty quickly, I will have you know that as of Saturday, you could literally eat of the my kitchen floor and still nothing is coming to me. I don’t know how long writer’s block last a couple of hours, days or weeks, all I know is that for me right now it’s been 4 days.  This is frustrating  because normally I sit at the computer and write without a second thought, it comes really easy to me. Sometimes reading helps to stir the imagination, I have done that, but still nothing.  I am now going on a very long walk with a mutt that has been begging for exercise and I hope that it will stir my creative senses…
What have you done to get over your Writer’s block? 

3 thoughts on “Could It Be Writer’s Block?

  1. When the words won't flow, I take the dogs for long, long walks. If that doesn't work, I sit down and force myself to write any old rubbish. I describe the view from my window – anything – and eventually, it all comes together again.

    Good luck!


  2. Usually, I grab a book and try to read. Sometimes my mind starts rolling again and sometimes I just want to read the book, either way is progress I guess. I'm in a rutt right now and can't seem to get out. I have less than 15k to finish up my Nano novel and I just can't. That probably means it's not so good, lol.


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