Does It Have To Get Complicated?

The Answer is YES!
Character conflict is an element of story writing which reveals to the reader what type of person the character is and why they do the things they do right? We’ve all heard this before, so when should you introduce conflict in a story?  That depends on the writer, but the sooner the better I would say…  Create the hook, have things start with the problem/s faced by your character. Complications is what makes the conflict interesting, without it you really don’t have the story. Things need to go wrong  in order for them to get better, this is obvious, but it’s always intriguing when the initial problem gets worse and your character thinks he/she has it under control.  Ensure that the complications introduced in to the story are believable, when people read not only do they want lose themselves in the story, but they also want to in some way relate to the character/s.
Complications create change, change creates conflict, now changes in your character’s feelings and actions creates internal conflict also an important part of your story, we want to see the character struggle, nothing is simple, be it in fiction or real life…  Remember though to find the resolution, no reader wants to be left hanging.

When do you introduce the conflict?  

2 thoughts on “Does It Have To Get Complicated?

  1. Great post. I'm actually thinking about focusing on internal and external conflict for my thesis. I like to introduce conflict when it feels right. Sometimes it's right away (the beginning) or sometimes I may ease into it. It just depends on what the character is telling me. 🙂


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