A Must Read!

I read a lot of everything, romance, paranormal, historical and rarely Sci-Fi. It’s all pretty spread out between YA and  Adult fiction and usually these are books that are recommended to me or  that I am drawn to  by the covers. It’s usually the cover that does it for me, I very rarely read the sinopsys and this gives me the ability to have an open mind when reading, especially if it’s something that I normally wouldn’t read.  One book  cover that caught my attention was Gayle Forman’s If I stay, a  moving and powerful story that will make you cry and smile, at the same time. I read this book in one sitting, absolutely loved it and not something I would usually read.  So while we thirty something gals patiently wait for Diana Gabaldon’s next tome, door stopper, or in my case a sometimes coaster. I have the perfect read to pass the time. I Am Number Four— forget the vampires and werewolfs people, the hot alien is taking over!
My husband brought home this book home because someone had recommended it to him, and because I constantly need to have a book in my hands, I decided to give this Sci-Fi story a shot.  Although Number four doesn’t sparkle he does shine Winking smileI am not a big Sci-Fi fan, movies or books, but I really enjoyed this book, I am still debating whether or not to go see the movie.  Any way, it has everything we want, a little love, a little suspense, a little war and a  smokin’ hot Alien. It’s an easy read, although not enough to tie us over until Gabaldon’s book 8 it’s enough to keep us entranced…

Happy Reading!
Are there any great books your’ve read lately? Anything you feel you have to recommend to friends and family?

2 thoughts on “A Must Read!

  1. 'If I Stay' sounds amazing — I'm going to look for that one. I've read a couple fantastic books this year. One I recommend is 'Dark Places' by Gillian Fynn. SO good! I also just finished 'The Maze Runner' and its sequel, 'The Scorch Trials,' if you like YA. Both were page-turners.

    Hope you're having a great day!


  2. I've been overwhelmed with writing critiques so I haven't read anything polished in a while. I saw this the other day and wondered about it. I have an old book that I love called 'Follow the River' it is about a woman who is pregnant and gets captured by Indians. I reread it every few years.


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