Keeping it Real

Keeping with the Valentine spirit of the day, let’s talk romance. I write it, I read and I love to watch a good movie where the girl gets her ever after. I know sometimes it’s not always easy to get into the groove of things when writing romance, aside from the obvious boy meets girl, boy falls for girl and vise versa, you have to ensure that the romantic dialogue doesn’t sound awkward. You want to make the speech sound authentic, in our regular day to day life we don’t use formal grammar when we speak. We say “gotta go” not  “I have got to go”, it’s realistic, not every person you meet is a character from a Jane Austin novel.
Despite trying to sound authentic we at times have be careful not to have speech reflect real life too closely,  keep in mind though that one other thing a writer should ensure is not make the dialogue too dull. Give your hero a hard time, remember we women always answer a question with a questions.
“Why did you go to the mall?” he asked
“Why are you asking?” she asked.
Try to create a little suspense, allow for questions to arise in the dialogue without actually having your characters do the asking, you don’t want characters that are too forthcoming. Why did she walk away? Why doesn’t she just tell him she loves him? Why doesn’t he just give into her? These are some questions we are faced with as the reader, it’s what frustrates us (in a good way) enough to want to keep reading. Also not everybody is sweet and proper we all swear at one point or another, stick a bad word in the dialogue every now and then (just don’t over do it), think of the word that comes out of your mouth when you drop something? Hmm I can think of a few, but I will contradict myself and be sweet and proper.

Have you read a good romance lately?

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