A Minute to Vent Please!

I’ve said before how there are certain things that get in the way of writing, such as life, yesterday mother nature got in the way and gave us a little reminder of what she is capable of. I am not a fan of snow or shovelling it for that matter, I am also not a big fan of snow days. The reason being is that I die of envy because I don’t ever remember having snow days when I was a child or any other nature inspired reason for schools closing. We had to walk to school come hell or high water and had a blast doing so, why as children we love the snow is a mystery to me.
Being that yesterday I was blessed with the company of my three boys, four if you count the husband, who were bored out of their minds because going outside to play really wasn’t an option. Aside from the snow that didn’t seem to stop until 5pm, it was freezing and keeping them indoor was my way of saving their limbs. Anyhow, having my family home was a lot of work, kids and husband get hungry every five minutes and all mistook the snow day for a vacation day instead. I tried to do some writing, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. See normally I can write without a problem when my kids are around, but when the hubs is standing over my shoulder, reading every little word I type, is quite annoying. I write in the kitchen, close to the coffee pot, because I don’t have an office where I can close the door and be left alone. Most days I am home alone thanks to the fact that the kids are at school and the husband is at work, where they all should be. I hate it, in fact I loathe it when people read over my shoulder, especially when it’s something I am writing and what’s worse is being corrected on things that don’t need correcting or being told that “it doesn’t make sense”, well of course it doesn’t make sense, for one thing you are reading the middle of the story and two it’s not finished.
OK, I am done and I officially hate any days that require schools to close and husbands to stay home… I need to work too people!
Did your kids have a snow day, what was it like?
What are some of the interruptions you hate while you are writing?

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