You Write What?

When I tell people I write romance I get a look, you know that look that says, what kind of romance in a mischievous way. I do not write that kind of romance, I read it, but I leave the writing of it to the experts because there is no way I can write in so much detail, if you know what I mean *wink*.  I like a good love stories plain and simple, I know it’s been done a gazillion times, but there is always a new story with the same happily ever after ending. Why? Because we like the ever after, the fairy tale and the thought of the knight and shining armour who rescues the damsel in distress from wherever. I don’t write about mythical creatures falling in love with humans, at least not yet, I have an idea and I am dying to start writing it. However part of being a writer is learning to finish one thing before moving on to the next, the little something I am still trying to come to terms with… 
Romance however is what I love to read and enjoy writing, I like those stories that really touch your heart and make you shed a tear or two. It’s what I strive for, I want to make someone one day cry one day.  I know I am far from that point right now, but it’s that possibility that keeps me going on. 
So, what is romance? According to RWA, it’s the following.
“Romances have a central love story and an emotionally satisfying ending. Beyond that, romance novels may have any tone or style, be set in any place or time, and have varying levels of sensuality—ranging from sweet to extremely hot.
What’s your Genre? If it’s romance, is it sweet or extremely hot?

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