First Letter is ‘C’ For Conflict

Why conflict? Because chances are that when you start writing a story you already know the ‘BUT’ of your story. In order to create a great story there has to be conflict, both an important part of any novel and they are, external (man vs. man) and internal (man vs. self  ) this is only part of what helps move the story forward.
Internal conflict comes from the struggles of a character’s need and wants. It is perfectly natural  to want to avoid conflict in real life, but it’s your job as a writer to bring conflict into the characters life and force him/her to confront it. Easy right? maybe not, to create conflict there has to be a ‘WHY’ which brings us to motivation (I will discuss this on a later post), forcing your character to make decisions.
External conflict are the problems that are out of your characters control, things that keep him/her from reaching their ultimate goal, the ‘WHAT’ of your story, something that will hinder and make your character work to attain the goal. Keep in mind that without conflict there is no reason to keep readers turning the page. It always come back to that one book you couldn’t put down because there was that need to find out the end result.
 Definition of CONFLICT as per Merriam-Webster dictionary:
 “The opposition of persons or forces that gives rise to the dramatic action in a drama or fiction”
What are some of the conflicts your characters face? Have you struggled with the conflicts in your story?

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