The Sound Of Music

It doesn’t matter what I am writing or where, my office is in the kitchen, next to the coffee pot and far enough away from the television that I don’t get distracted by some fabulous design show on  HGTV. Though I have to admit, blogs, twitter and the Internet itself is poison to writers and major distraction, as well as the phone. I can be on the phone with my sister for a long time and I can assure you we talk of nothing important and the worst part of these hour long conversations, is that I can’t even remember them. I try really hard to stay focus and away from distractions, I am a stay at home mom my kids are at school all day and I take advantage of my alone time.
 Anyhow back to my point, which I forgot…
Oh OK got it! Music, I was going to talk about music and the relaxing and inspiring affect it has on me. When I decide I am going to sit and write, I open my iTunes and rather then listen to my playlist I decide to open the purchased items and listen to each and every song on it. We all know that music can have a relaxing effect, but for it to be a motivational tool is a bit of a surprise to me, right now I am addicted to Mozart. i swear one of his pieces will make into one of my MS. So as long as the music is playing I can write none stop, sometimes if I am writing a scene that’s a little tense a song coincidentally comes on that inspire the scene and I take in a totally different direction than I had planned and to my surprise it works, the words just seem to flow. Right now James Morrison’s “Undiscovered” is inspiring me, though all his songs have an affect on me, I love his voice.
So tell me:
What is your ritual when you write? Do you listen to music or prefer the silence?


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